Got Some Dirt on Clayton Thom, The Chief Executive Loser of CNC?

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In the meantime, educated yourself with the Clayton Thom “Greatest Hits”:


  1. This is all Clay’s and Fraser’s doing. Craig was well known in this field and was a stand up guy. Putting him on here as a conman is wrong. Once Craig died is when is Clay went to the dark side . His dad would be ashamed of what he made their business to be.

  2. One of the managers here, named Joey, literally asked me 2 different times on two different visits asked me if I would show him PORNOGRAPHIC PICTURES of my ex just so he could “put a face to a name”. Literally asking for revenge porn straight from his customer in his multimillion dollar warehouse. Disgusting individual. This is the type of people Clay’s employed as higher ups at his “Business”. Clay and Joey owe me $110,000 or my vehicle back. This has been going on since October of 2020.

  3. I bought an Alfa 4C in December 2019, and got the car and title about a week later. I guess the car was not expensive enough to warrant the games being played with other people’s money. I feel fortunate that Fraser Thom was the sales guy I dealt with. He seems to have SOME morals.

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