Who is Clayton Thom?

Masquerading as a “family man”

Who is Clayton Thom, you might ask? He was the owner of (now defunct, thankfully) CNC Motors of Upland, CA, a Ponzi scheme masquerading as an exotic car dealer.

Through years of mismanagement, a long record of “slow-paying” consignment sellers (eg. using other people’s money to finance his business and lifestyle), title fraud, and egregious breaches of contract.

Says it all. This illicit behavior started long before COVID created the best exotic and collector car market values in recent memory.

He employs a number of con artists who are knowingly complicit to seek out high-dollar exotic car owners to consign their vehicles as a way to keep the Ponzi scheme afloat. These individuals include Joey Indrieri (now “fired” according to Clay), Ira Kreindel, Fraser Thom, and other slick “salesman” (AKA conmen) who have finely-tuned the art of automotive fraud. They know every law, statute, and loophole to exploit in the overly-liberal State of California who allows these frauds to continue, unabated.

“The Three Conmen” from left to right – Fraser Thom, Craig Thom (deceased), and Clayton Thom, not to be confused with Skinny Fat Jared from Subway.

Despite over 40+ complaints filed with the San Bernardino County DMV, Clayton Thom, Fraser Thom, and CNC Motors are still able to continue defrauding unknowing, innocent car sellers and buyers.

Purpose of This Site

The goal of this website to expose the truth about Clayton Thom and his criminal associates, a job that the DMV of the State of California has FAILED to accomplish. This Ponzi scheme has knowingly been operating for several years, and despite this information, this criminal enterprise is still in operation today. We will make sure that every detail about Clayton Thom is exposed for the public to see.

Watch the video to learn all you need to know:

If You Have Information…

If you have any information regarding Clayton Thom, his associates, his family, or any other exposing information, please contact us here: webmaster@claytonthom.com.

Stay Tuned

More information to come including legal / court judgments, testimonials from customers who have been ripped off, and all other information we can dig up on this piece of garbage.

Definitions (for those who are illiterate, dumb, criminals who threaten with empty lawsuits, or the combination of all)

Liar – /ˈlī(ə)r/noun

  • a person who tells lies.”the man was a notorious liar”

Con artistnoun

  • a person who cheats or tricks others by persuading them to believe something that is not true.”the debonair con artist lives by scamming rich women”

Thief – /THēf/noun

  • a person who steals another person’s property, especially by stealth and without using force or violence.