Got Some Dirt on Clayton Thom, The Chief Executive Loser of CNC?

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In the meantime, educated yourself with the Clayton Thom “Greatest Hits”:


  1. This is all Clay’s and Fraser’s doing. Craig was well known in this field and was a stand up guy. Putting him on here as a conman is wrong. Once Craig died is when is Clay went to the dark side . His dad would be ashamed of what he made their business to be.

    1. Craig was a solid guy, I did I lot of business with him. There were hundreds of people at his funeral, everyone had nothing but great things to say about him.

      He would be sad to see what has happened

      1. David,

        I don’t doubt that you are right, and I’ve heard the same from many people. Sadly, like many (most) inherited businesses, the children get used to the “high life”, and perhaps go off the rails when times get tough. Clayton Thom is a criminal – make no mistake about that. He’s ripped me off for the cost of a nice southern California home, including dozens (if not hundreds) of other people. Him and his henchmen, including Joey Indrieri, were well-versed in how to float titles, obtain illegal title loans, and walk away with millions (in the multiple 10s of millions) of fraudulent funds. He has irreparably damaged the lives of many people, and continued to lie and cheat even after he was under the investigation by the California DMV. He has politicians and police personnel in his pocket, and has so far evaded state-level prosecution. The Feds will not look kindly on how this was handled, and he’ll be spending the rest of his days in federal prison.

        1. Does anyone have any updates on the current status of Clay or any criminal prosecution? Also, it looks like he swindled CNC Technologies, Inc to the tune of $4M. The lawsuit was filed a few weeks ago in Superior Court. Where are the feds and local prosecutors?!?

          1. Mike,

            I can’t tell you too much unfortunately as this website is monitored, but I can tell you that shit will be hitting the fan very soon.

            Also, where was the CNC Technologies information sourced? From what I know, he and / or his family has(d) ownership in that business.

          2. Theadmin,

            I wasn’t able to reply to your post, not sure why. Glad to hear things will be hitting the fan soon. In regards to CNC Technologies, the lawsuit was filed in State Court. I retrieved a copy of the lawsuit from the Superior Court website. Yes Clay did have an LLC with a part ownership interest in CNC technologies. Apparently, he was taking debt out using CNC Technologies as a guarantor even though he wasn’t allowed to. He also apparently was cutting himself checks and basically just stealing money from CNC technologies bank accounts to the tune of $4M. If you provide me an email address (even a newly created email address) I can send you a copy of the Complaint. Maybe I’ll just post pertinent sections of the lawsuit in a post on this website.

          3. See below excerpts from the lawsuit. Amrezi is Clay’s LLC:

            19 10. Beginning in 2021, CNC Tech became aware of numerous debts and obligations incurred by Thom and Amrezi, purportedly on behalf of CNC Tech, but without authority to do so. Numerous creditors began contacting CNC Tech to pay these debts, which were in no way related to CNC Tech, and improperly incurred by Thom and/or Amrezi, and unbeknownst to CNC Tech. At least one lawsuit was filed against CNC Tech based on personal debts incurred by Thom and/or Amrezi. Due to this, CNC Tech became concerned regarding whether Thom and/or Amrezi has been engaged in financial misconduct relating to CNC Tech.

            26 11. CNC Tech conducted an analysis of its books and records, including bank transactions related to CNC Tech, which indeed revealed significant financial misconduct on the part of Thom and/or Amrezi, and a pattern of significant improper financial transactions to the benefit of Thom and/or Amrezi occurring “off the books.”

            3 12. The review of CNC Tech’s books and records revealed massive amounts of missing money. Specifically, bank transactions not included on the general ledger were discovered going in and out of CNC Tech to (at minimum): Thom himself; Thom’s mother; numerous entities associated with Thom including, but not limited to, CNC Motors, Craig Thom Properties, and LIG Financial; as well as several other bank accounts unknown to CNC Tech, and associated with Thom. In addition, CNC Tech’s books and records reveal transactions in bank statements missing from the general ledger, but also transactions on the general ledger, that are missing from the bank statements, where Thom simply took income due to CNC Tech for himself. Plaintiff is informed and believes, and thereon alleges, that the unauthorized and concealed transactions total in excess of $4 million.

  2. One of the managers here, named Joey, literally asked me 2 different times on two different visits asked me if I would show him PORNOGRAPHIC PICTURES of my ex just so he could “put a face to a name”. Literally asking for revenge porn straight from his customer in his multimillion dollar warehouse. Disgusting individual. This is the type of people Clay’s employed as higher ups at his “Business”. Clay and Joey owe me $110,000 or my vehicle back. This has been going on since October of 2020.

  3. I bought an Alfa 4C in December 2019, and got the car and title about a week later. I guess the car was not expensive enough to warrant the games being played with other people’s money. I feel fortunate that Fraser Thom was the sales guy I dealt with. He seems to have SOME morals.

  4. Clay is a Scum bag I don’t know HOW hes still alive after stealing peoples cars worth over $4 million Including My 1965 Shelby Cobra/replica but worth $165K AND on top of that I heard he has New dealer in OC I mean where is the law enforcement? Why isn’t anyone taking care of this sonbish

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